About Me

IMG_7573_square_lo-resHello! I’m Kathryn—a.k.a. Katy—a young adult and once-upon-a-time general fiction writer. Thank you for coming to learn more about me and my stories!

– BIO –

I was born Kathryn LoConte in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1982. I moved to New Hampshire to work and write for Yankee Magazine in 2004 and I’ve lived in the Granite State ever since. Although life and various types of transportation have brought me through six continents, including many of the destinations found in my first novel Searching for Saffron, I’ve always called New England home.

I grew up reading and writing, drawing and playing outside. Admittedly, there was television, too. I made friends, a few enemies. I’ve also loved: enter family, friends, husband, and three infuriable (infuriating + adorable) sons. The reading and writing, among the other experiences, have stuck… I hope you read, and enjoy, what I write.

On paper, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a concentration in photography from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I received my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College. I’ve also completed studies in the Creative Writing Summer Programme at the University of Oxford.

Searching for Saffron is my first published work of fiction. I’m currently seeking literary representation for my new manuscript, Anya on the Line, while plugging away at a new work in progress and spending way too much time on Twitter (find me at @KatyLapierre!) I’m an active member of “The Llama Squad” online writing group. Currently, I work as a writer/editor in the communications field, which means I can only state the facts—a predicament for a writer with an overactive imagination.

Sadly, I do not have magical abilities, but if I did I would use them for good… okay, and a little bit of mischief.