About Searching for Saffron


Anna Collins is unhappy with the 23 years of life she has lived. In one swift spin of the globe, she changes all that and begins her journey. As she wanders from country to country readers are presented with pieces of Anna’s past, seen though a collection of experiences and events.

With each person she meets — whether they be young, old, male, female, proper, pensive, spontaneous, or spiritual — Anna’s comprehension of what she wants from life is exposed.


A GREAT STORY OF TRAVELING AND CHANGE. It’s foundation is typical… but it doesn’t read in a typical way. Told through vignettes…, you have to pay attention to see Anna’s transformation. The character development is descriptive and fun; there’s no way you can get bored. The last few pages absolutely make this book for me. I don’t want to give it away, but it ties together an otherwise fragmented story so beautifully.
— “Chiclet” via Amazon.com

A GREAT COMBINATION OF STORIES. It flows nicely between the different people that the main character meets and what she takes away from each interaction. I’m looking forward to what this author has to offer in the future!
— “Calsea” via Amazon.com