About Truth Be Told


Sixteen-year-old Verity has the ability to know the true answer to every question asked of her. Eleven-year-old Lucas has the power of a bitingly intelligent master manipulator. Verity wants to be ignored. Lucas wants to be a god.

When their abilities manifest in new ways, their individual goals spin out of reach. In this novel, told from two points of view, each sibling undertakes a struggle to hold on. Verity’s ability reveals a future that she desperately wants to alter. As she strives to wield her ability, come to grips with family secrets, and overpower her manipulative brother, the clock ticks down for the boy she is coming to love.

So, will they do what they must to attain the life they desire, or are each only meant to accept the life that fate has given them?

Author’s note: I’m working on the final draft stages of Truth Be Told… More info to follow about publication!