Truth Be Told


Sixteen-year-old Verity Callahan has the ability to know the true answer to every question she’s asked. When she was fourteen, she learned minutes before it happened that her father would die in a car crash — and yet, she failed to save him. She’s tried to bury her ability, but now it’s manifesting in new ways. She’s burdened with more information than ever before. What’s worse, she’s compelled to blurt it all out. She never asked for this. She just wants to be normal.

Her younger brother Lucas is a empath whose power is growing. He will manipulate anyone’s emotions to get what he wants: access to the best Ivy League institutions and a life of power and prestige. And once he understands what Verity can do, he imagines what they could do together.

But Verity has found happiness with her new boyfriend, Will McConnall. Lucas wants Verity and her abilities under his control. Realizing he’ll never get that with Will in her life, Lucas devises a drastic plan to eliminate him.

By answering one fateful question after another, Verity learns of Lucas’s scheme. She must hone the very abilities she detests to thwart Lucas’s designs, or lose Will forever and become Lucas’s puppet.